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T & D Towing started out when Tommy Tamplain and Darryl Chauvin joined forces with a combined 60 years of tug boat experience in 2005.


Our experience covers the inland tug services of the Gulf Coast as well as the offshore tug industry on both coasts of the US and internationally.


Our hands-on experience ranges from building, retrofitting, to operating and sailing tugs inland and offshore in the oil industry and coastal trading. We still maintain that hands-on attitude in operating our tugs today to maintain our equipment and foster a team effort with our crews. The equipment is only as good as the crew operating it. We pride ourselves in providing quality services to our customers in a timely and safe manner.


Whether it be anchor handling, towing material barges for derrick barges or pipe lay vessels, or delivering cargo coast wide, we are up to the challenge of handling the logistics and outfitting the tugs and barges efficiently and safely.



T & D Towing, LLC is presently compromised of four vessels, three offshore tugs and one inland tug. We have become diversified in order to provide various types of services needed in the marine industry. Some of T & D Towing's services include, but are not limited to, transporting bulk commodities along the Gulf Coast, providing services to the oil and gas industries, as well as dredging and construction industries. Our area of operation is the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, the Eastern Seaboard, and inland on the ICW from Texas to Florida and Western Rivers including the Upper and Lower Mississippi River, Arkansas River, Ohio River, Tennessee River as well as the Atchafalaya River, Red River and Ouachita River.


T & D Towing, LLC operates under a Safety Management System. The Objective of the SMS is to remain in compliance with the current USCG Subchapter M and ABS regulations concerning towing vessels.


We are in the forefront of all rules, regulations, applicable codes, guidelines, and standards required by Subchapter M and continue to cooperate with the Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping.


Click on the vessel below to see vessel specific information.

Miss Lizzy is one of our largest Offshore Model Bow Tug with an upper wheelhouse height of 40'. The Miss Lizzy is equipped with a 46 SMATCO double drum winch rigged for running anchors and towing with 2000 feet of 1 1/2 inch cable.

Miss Beth is our Inland Push Boat that we totally refurbished in 2014 with Scania engines with 1,250 BHP. She was repowered with main propulsion Scania engines and new 40 KW generator sets. She is fuel efficient and has a 40 ft eye level with an upper wheel house - which can be removed or reinstalled in one day if the job requires. She was our first vessel to receive Subchapter M COI. 

Our most recent addition to our fleet is the Miss Jean. She is our largest vessel at 105' in length with 3250 brake horsepower furnished by two Caterpillar 3516 main engines. The tow winch is an Intercon double drum with anchor handling capability with 200K lb line pull. We are capable of tandem towing with 2200 feet of 2" wire on each drum. She is also equipped with pop-up pins. Our elevated pilot house has an eye level of 45'.


P. O. Box 3249 Morgan City, LA 70381 | 8837 Hwy 182 E, Morgan City, LA 70380

(985) 631-2100

(985) 631-2105

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